Our Logo

It’s Significance

The oceans and the molten matter beneath the earth are represented by the blue. Its ever-changing status represents the dynamism of our system. What is static cannot hold and sustain anything beyond a time frame. If dynamism is the driving force, it not only keeps pace with change but is tuned in and anticipates the flow and resolves all the requisites. THE BLUE WAVES have the spikes facing upwards for constant progress which is the only permanent thing on the earth.

The sun represents the ever spreading light of knowledge, living in awareness and consciousness of thought action and belief, brightness, happiness, joy of life, progress, and new era of education and clarity of child being the centre of focus.

The rays represent the spread and vastness of horizons to be reached and heights of excellence and perfection to be achieved. The highest form of human potential to be nurtured and brought through.

The green leaves denote the beginning of new life as in the new born baby who is the hope of the world and has to be cared for in accordance. The new education which considers the whole child in overall aspects of development and has the whole world as the curriculum to bring up global citizens .also new education implies nurturing the child from a new stand point : that is preparing an environment which corresponds to the inner natural potentials of the child to achieve optimum development – hitting the iron when it is hot rather than putting pressure without inner readiness. New leaves- new life goals for individuals…New education empowered children…evolved parents and teachers.

The environment must be rich in motives which lend interest to activity and invite the child to conduct his own experiences – Dr. Maria Montessori