Mission Behind The Program

The mission behind the program is “the ideals of a Guru ” as they should be. To recreate in education;… the values, building of character, environmental awareness, vastness of thought and all actions leading towards developing young men and women who would be physically healthy, intellectually sound and emotionally balanced. The aim extends to unify and integrate all aspects of the personality to create a complete human being.

The completeness of a teacher, as the Vedas have ordained, has certain aspects in the character; the poise, the dignity, the calm, the emotional balance, the satisfaction of seeing the child progress beyond their own knowledge, the joy of nurturing, to be a giver – selflessly and yet with the consciousness of the responsibility of leading and guiding the future generation.

The teacher having all the above ideals has to be the most advanced in technology too, in sync with the latest techniques and be geared to be

innovative even beyond what exists. The teacher has to be prepared to work in the most scientific environment and yet with the appropriate moral values and a missionary zeal for overall excellence.

The teacher of today needs to be equipped with the awareness of what act or activity, pace of speech, every spoken word; presentation, group work and each lesson designed which has been chosen to be a part of the environment….. Would have a specific impact on the child.

Moreover, the teachers of the present time need to realize that we can no longer teach children. We can facilitate learning to be absorbed by spontaneous will.

We believe in equipping teachers to a level where they are able to reach out to every child for development of hidden talents and enable overall and optimum development of the personality so that they win over the challenges of the fast growing world.

Plainly, the environment  be a living one, directed by a higher intelligence, arranges by an adult who is prepared for his mission – Dr. Maria Montessori


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