Rachana Kodesia


The aim of present day education is to prepare for life with command over mind, spirit, emotions and acquisition of progressive skills

My attributes are Passion for Education, eagerness for spreading Meaningful Education and Life Skills, Expertise in Administration and Management, Organisational Capacity, Research in Child Development and Child Psychology, Applying psychological studies effectively for teachers, parents, and children.

My expertise lies in my experience of setting up organisations from Preschool to Post Graduate levels. This adds to my content development as I can connect the stages of development and implementation of curriculum logistics. I am well versed with planning from scratch as in budgets, architecture, pace designing, training, financials, projections and implementation so as to achieve optimally through effective planning, branding and marketing strategies.


With a vision to bring a shift in the educational system of the present times, in my 34 years of experience, I have worked in global educational organizations and set exemplary standards of management with execution of innovative and unique ideas.

I have conceptualized and created Preschool chains and Senior Secondary Schools (K 12) with remarkable discriminators and innovative curriculum. I am well versed with IB Curriculum and International teaching strategies. I have been a pioneer in spreading the Montessori Method to a large extent in the NCR of Delhi and head Franchising strategies for India and abroad.

I have been able to spread quality teacher training and parenting programs all over India. I believe it is only through aware teachers and sensitive parents that the child will benefit the most and it is eventually possible for education to fulfill its purpose of creating complete and evolved children for the future world.

“Through the Teacher Training Programs, I aim to set high standard of curriculum execution by sensitizing teachers to be more insightful towards children. The objective is to guide them with regard to analyzing their subjects and simplifying lessons, so as to address each and every learner type in the classroom and to convert the adults’ attitude towards the child to that of acceptance as an individual, allowing children freedom of thought, creativity and expression”.


  • Awarded Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Memorial Award for Excellence in Education at New Delhi, Oct 2016
  • Accredited International Trainer and Curriculum & Content Developer by IAO (International Accreditation Organization, USA)
  • Accreditation Associate, Inspector and Auditor for IAO
  • Accredited from IAO, USA for my Educational Program under MontessoriViewpoint Private Ltd; Montessori Teacher Training and Education Management Program


  • Vice President – Franchisee Training and Operations, G D Goenka Group– Pivotal in designing, setting up, planning and establishing Franchisee Model as well as establishing the new chain of G D Goenka La Petite Montessori Pre-schools. Lead the whole planning from self-owned stand-alone School to 41 senior Schools and 24 Preschools as the most expensive Franchisee in the world.Highlight– Created the Training Program which was approved by G D Goenka University (UGC) as Post Graduate Diploma in Education Management (Montessori System)
  • Director Academics, Amity Centre for Educational Research &Training (ACERT) & Principal, AMIOWN Schools – Established AMIOWN Schools under the Amity umbrella.
    Highlight- Established Amity’s Montessori Teacher’s Training Program as a Postgraduate course besides adding my expertise to the modules to the running B.Ed Program in Amity University.
  • Head Training (India), Modern Montessori International, London – established the enterprise in India which entailed adherence to strict Franchisee standards and guidelines laid down by London Centre for running their certified Program and Franchisee endeavour in India.
  • Copy Editor & Writer, Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company Ltd.& Wiley Eastern Publication Company
  • Counsellor, Gujarat Research Society & Help Age, India – specialised in counselling children, parents and women.


  • Setting up Montessori Teacher Training and Education Management Centers with Accreditation from USA
  • Setting up a new brand Blue Angels Global School with concepts that enabled 234 admissions in the 1st two months and 700+ in a very short span
  • Setting up The Maurya Girls’ School in South City 1, Guru Gram, Haryana with unique discriminators that would enable girls to Create their own Destiny


  • Setting up Montessori Teacher Training and Education Management Centers with Accreditation from USA
  • Vice President – Education for BPN (Building a Progressive Nation)

The light of education can reach the darkest corners and the outcome of complete empowerment from within of each individual can be achieved when the highest purpose of humanity is undertaken by the educators of the world