About Montessori Method

To talk about the Montessori Method is to try to bring the universe on a piece of paper. It is not just a method but the logic and science of life, a way of living which leads to human growth and development. It has the potential in itself, combined with scientific logic, to evolve a person completely to realms of intelligent conscious spirituality.


When we talk of spirituality, spontaneously we refer to different paths, cultures or religions that may lead towards the essence of humanity and world peace. Similarly, any educational methodology that works, is logically accepted and is universally relevant at any given point and period of time; leads to the essence of The Montessori Method. When Dr. Montessori spoke about New Education, her direction and aim were world peace, harmonious co-existence of all and everything and evolving of human consciousness. When certain academicians talk about `Beyond Montessori`, well they are talking beyond the logistics of human and global realms. All and everything is encompassed and can be encompassed in its universality and cosmic approach.

Dr. Montessori, granddaughter of a priest, an engineer, a medical doctor, a psychologist, was well equipped to establish a system of education which rose above theories and had basis in implementing, applying and executing. Her method deals with the complete human being at all levels, in all aspects and finer nuances hereto not found in any other methodology.

The universal human being, that is any human being born anywhere in the world, is what he is because of his upbringing as a child. Thus the focus absolutely somersaults to the child, his needs, his stages of development, and his personality traits, his psychological and spiritual being and still beyond that, he as a conscious part of the cosmos and the universe.

The Montessori Methodology is absolutely in sync with the Indian philosophy, the Vedas, theory of Karma, conscious decision making, doing our best and evolving to perfection, absolute value of the animate and inanimate, respect for each and every object and being in the environment, sensitivity and empathy for all, emerging over and above the mundane, and living on a spiritually evolved plane.

Children are human beings to whom respect is due, superior to us by reason of their innocence and of the greater possibilities of their future – Dr. Maria Montessori